Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal activity 2, much like in the vein of the original film, is very big on what isn’t shown onscreen to supply the scares. Most of the film, as is par for the course in this series, is dedicated only to moving objects subtly on camera to create a feeling of general unease for the audience. However, about halfway through the movie, the family dog is affected by the supernatural events going on in the house, and it’s never confirmed as to whether or not the animal lives. From what I remember of the film, the animal is not shown being harmed in any way onscreen, so any concerns you may have as to something like that can easily be avoided. Throughout the movie, an infant is constantly endangered, and stalked by danger. Also, the end is dedicated mostly to jumpscares, which can be extremely anxiety-inducing, especially if you are caught off guard. Finally, the end involves two characters being killed onscreen, both in very shocking and unsettling ways. When I was watching it, I was caught off-guard due to how the rest of this movie has been relatively painless and bloodless. However, the one of the last two deaths involve quite a bit of blood, and may leave the viewer feeling very anxious.


Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activity features a surprising lack of violence throughout most of it’s runtime, showing almost no blood, and focusing heavily on sound effects and practical effects. While the movie does prominently feature supernatural elements, nothing appears on screen, save for moving objects, doors opening and closing, and footprints. However, it is still a supernatural horror movie, so, if you feel uncomfortable with the presence of the supernatural, I recommend that you not view this movie. Also, if you still wish to watch it, please be careful which one you’re watching, as the movie has three endings, two of which feature blood, and one of the two has a jumpscare. Overall, the movie is light on physical scares, but depends strongly on the psychological horror of the supernatural.