Power Rangers (2017)

As would be expected of a movie based on a show about people running around in spandex, the 2017 reboot of the Power Rangers series is pretty painless for people with anxiety. Most of the movie is pretty much nonviolent, with a few moments here and there that may catch the attention of concerned parents and anxious viewers. For example, the update of Rita Repulsa is distinctly more aggressive in this version. While it isn’t actually visible onscreen, there is a scene where she rips open a hobo’s mouth to get to the gold inside his mouth. It’s only shown in shadow, but the noises and graphic thoughts that would likely accompany it would be concerning to many. She also attacks a jewelry store, destroying the place in a very alarming and concerning way. Not to mention, a nightmare scene occurs that would definitely scare a younger child. Finally, the climax could be extremely scary to those who feel anxiety about crowd scenes. It’s a lot of carnage all happening at once. While the action is meant to be funny, it can be stressful trying to focus on everything that’s happening all at once. Overall, the Power Rangers movie takes a few more chances than what would be expected with a series like this, and there are quite a few moments that would cause alarm, but I overall feel it’s worth a view to see the new take on an old classic.


Update on Safefilm

Due to changes in my personal life, Safefilm will currently only be updating on Mondays and Fridays. I will still be doing movies of the week in the upper right hand corner of the site, but I will not be writing full-length articles about them. However, I am also now taking requests for any movies you would like to see me write about. If you have a movie in mind, enter it through contacts, and tell me, along with your name so I can say who requested it. Thank you for reading thus far, and, when I have a little more time on my hands, I will return to posting more often.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Guardians of the Galaxy two, much like it’s predecessor, is nowhere near as bloody as superhero movies seem to enjoy being these days. The opening scene does feature a main character being swallowed, and a creature being split open, but the opening fight is largely in the background until the very end. There is some comical violence as well, but the tone shifts shortly after to show execution via vacuum of space. Fortunately, the deaths are not at all gory in an attempt to be ‘realistic’. There is also a scene considerably later that includes a large amount of characters being killed onscreen, and very quickly, but the deaths are not especially gory, nor are they lingered on more than necessary. However, about midway through the movie, the topic of a massive amount of children dying is brought up and, while the children are not killed onscreen, the bones of said children do appear briefly. Finally, the climax includes a very rapid expansion of something likely killing those in it’s way, but, again, it is very quick, with little focus on it. Overall, much like the first one, GOTG 2 tries hard to keep itself open to audiences of all levels of comfort.

Wonder Woman review

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman is generally safe as far as superhero films go, albeit with several hang ups that viewers should be aware of. There are several scenes that take place in a warzone, which could be overwhelming for certain viewers due to noise and sensitive topics such as PTSD. It should also be noted that, while the initial scene is not shown onscreen, the aftermath of a severe mustard gas attack is shown onscreen. While the movie does not show the effects of mustard gas, an entire village is eradicated by it. There are also several scenes where gas is used as a weapon, but the effects are not shown on screen for long, if at all. The violence is not especially gory, and the movie is very quick to move on without lingering the view on grisly injuries. Overall, there is very little blood in this movie, and the scenes of violence are not disgusting in the attempt to shock the audience.