Kingsman: The Secret Service

The Kingsman movie, based on the comic series by the same name, has more than earned it’s R rating. The movie is extremely violent, involving many gory deaths ranging from being sliced in half, to head explosions, all of which is onscreen. The opening involves a very violent fight scene, followed by the earlier mentioned scene of a man getting sliced in half with a very distinct and gut-wrenching sound. A man has his head blown up, which later escalates into an entire montage of various people dying in such a way to classical music. The plot of the movie, without revealing too much, involves a ‘rage-virus’ of sorts through technology, that causes people to fall into a frothing rage, and indiscriminately attack anyone and everyone close by. The first time this happens, it’s inside a church which, though it’s filled with religious bigots, is still alarming in it’s gore and can be very overwhelming. The second time this happens, a mother tries to rip her way through a bathroom door to murder her infant child. Alongside all the carnage that’s already happening in the film, it can be a little much for people who have trouble with violence. The movie is extremely violent, and seems to take great relish in their well-earned R rating. I don’t recommend this movie, unless you’re prepared for the level of violence that’s to be expected. But, if you are, it can be genuinely enjoyable for the viewer, with a lot of clever jokes and downright enjoyable characters.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014

TMNT 2014 is surprisingly easy to view, in spite of the childhood-scarring cgi that makes up most of it. Now, while I can pick on the cgi for the turtles all I want, that’s not what I’m here for. But, in all respects, TMNT is very easy to watch for when it comes to most anxiety triggers. The violence that does happen onscreen is almost entirely happening to cgi creatures, which are very easy to distinguish from the human characters. While there are one or two scenes that involve humans not covered by outrageously pointy armor being injured. During a scene where the Shredder is training, he snaps the hand of someone fighting against him, and does beat the crap out of him, but still in a way that seems very PG-13, as the movie is rated. A later scene involves a random mook being poisoned by mutagen. The mook’s skin then proceeds to be melted off his body as he dies, in a way that makes me wonder how on Earth that managed to be included in a Nickelodeon movie. The scene would probably scare a young child considerably, as well as anyone with anxieties about gore. As far as the rest of the movie, there’s a lot of blood that gets medically drained out of the bodies of the turtles, but the rest is mostly bloodless and without needless gore. However, I do recommend skipping past the gas-testing scene if you have a young child, or get queasy by that kind of thing.

The Giver

The Giver, as far as most sci-fi dystopian films go, is rather non-violent and bloodless. However, there are a handful of scenes that I believe viewers should be aware of. In the movie, there is a rather unexpected flash to a vision of war, which I believe to be the Vietnam war. It’s rather surprising, and, while there is some lead-up to it, it is better to be prepared for it, rather than just go in blindly. People are shot onscreen, and there is a large amount of fear and confusion going on in said scene. There is also a segment that includes the killings of two elephants by poachers, but the suffering of the animals is not drawn out in any way. The final potentially triggering scene, which I feel needs to be discussed very clearly, is the death of a baby that happens onscreen. The baby is killed in a medical, non-violent way, but they still show the baby very clearly dying, and having it’s body disposed of. The scene is intended to shock the viewer and, while the film makers were respectful about not exploiting it with needless gore, the death is still shocking and very upsetting if you’re unprepared for it. However, if you feel you will be alright with these scenes, than I recommend the movie, as it is a surprisingly interesting experience.