October Update

So, for October, I’ve decided that I’ll be covering various Halloween specials, including horror movies. For this month, I’ll be covering any movie that either takes place on Halloween, or is written explicitly for Halloween. I will also be removing the usual time cutoff I use when it comes to movies. I’ll also be focusing more on a review standpoint, as well as listing potential triggers, as I’m trying to extend the length of my posts. If any of you have any recommendations for movies you’d like me to write about, please leave them in the comments, and I’ll take it under consideration. The first article will be posted on Friday.


Regarding the state of the Site

Hello all, as some of you may have realized, I’ve stopped posting on Mondays, and I’ve stopped updating the Movie of the Week on the sidebar. School has started up again, and I’ve been swamped with work, making regular updates difficult. Eventually I will get back on schedule, hopefully when the semester calms down a bit, but for right now, I can only write articles on Fridays. I will continue to update the Movie of the Week on Mondays if I can, and I have a special event planned for October, which I will elaborate more about on Monday. I appreciate your patience, and continued viewing of this site. Thank you!

Update on Safefilm

Due to changes in my personal life, Safefilm will currently only be updating on Mondays and Fridays. I will still be doing movies of the week in the upper right hand corner of the site, but I will not be writing full-length articles about them. However, I am also now taking requests for any movies you would like to see me write about. If you have a movie in mind, enter it through contacts, and tell me, along with your name so I can say who requested it. Thank you for reading thus far, and, when I have a little more time on my hands, I will return to posting more often.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal activity features a surprising lack of violence throughout most of it’s runtime, showing almost no blood, and focusing heavily on sound effects and practical effects. While the movie does prominently feature supernatural elements, nothing appears on screen, save for moving objects, doors opening and closing, and footprints. However, it is still a supernatural horror movie, so, if you feel uncomfortable with the presence of the supernatural, I recommend that you not view this movie. Also, if you still wish to watch it, please be careful which one you’re watching, as the movie has three endings, two of which feature blood, and one of the two has a jumpscare. Overall, the movie is light on physical scares, but depends strongly on the psychological horror of the supernatural.

Wonder Woman review

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman is generally safe as far as superhero films go, albeit with several hang ups that viewers should be aware of. There are several scenes that take place in a warzone, which could be overwhelming for certain viewers due to noise and sensitive topics such as PTSD. It should also be noted that, while the initial scene is not shown onscreen, the aftermath of a severe mustard gas attack is shown onscreen. While the movie does not show the effects of mustard gas, an entire village is eradicated by it. There are also several scenes where gas is used as a weapon, but the effects are not shown on screen for long, if at all. The violence is not especially gory, and the movie is very quick to move on without lingering the view on grisly injuries. Overall, there is very little blood in this movie, and the scenes of violence are not disgusting in the attempt to shock the audience.


This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to Safefilm.org, a location where movies are viewed and vetted specifically for those who are concerned about facing anxiety-inducing moments in film. Movies nowadays have greater technology to create incredible effects with a realistic edge. However, due to this, it is now easier than ever to slip in unexpectedly frightening or graphic moments in movies that still possess the PG-13 rating. As the overseer for this blog, I view movies that have either come out recently, or within the last ten years to try and spot common triggers for anxiety that may not have been spotted by the rating system. Since it’s truly impossible to catch every little potential detail, I encourage viewers to contact me through my email to make requests as to what this site should cover. If you would like to post a review here, please email me with it, and I may edit and publish it. I hope you enjoy this site, and it in some way helps you.