Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal activity 2, much like in the vein of the original film, is very big on what isn’t shown onscreen to supply the scares. Most of the film, as is par for the course in this series, is dedicated only to moving objects subtly on camera to create a feeling of general unease for the audience. However, about halfway through the movie, the family dog is affected by the supernatural events going on in the house, and it’s never confirmed as to whether or not the animal lives. From what I remember of the film, the animal is not shown being harmed in any way onscreen, so any concerns you may have as to something like that can easily be avoided. Throughout the movie, an infant is constantly endangered, and stalked by danger. Also, the end is dedicated mostly to jumpscares, which can be extremely anxiety-inducing, especially if you are caught off guard. Finally, the end involves two characters being killed onscreen, both in very shocking and unsettling ways. When I was watching it, I was caught off-guard due to how the rest of this movie has been relatively painless and bloodless. However, the one of the last two deaths involve quite a bit of blood, and may leave the viewer feeling very anxious.


The Goosebumps movie, while based on a surprisingly creepy book series, is very light on the violence and gore. In the spirit of the original books, most of the disaster is aimed at how kids would view something on the scale of the climax. Scenes where characters are frozen, attacked by werewolves, and zombies all stay completely bloodless, while still managing to translate the fear well enough. However, it should be noted that, completely out of the blue at the halfway point, a teenage character very suddenly appears to have been eaten onscreen. While he turns out to be fine, it can be very jarring if you’re not expecting it. Overall, the film has a lot of bloodless carnage, but some very scary imagery. As a whole, if you feel anxious about zombies, monsters, puppets, and an unexpected scene that seems as if a child is being killed. However, due to the fact that there’s a lot of carnage with various scary creatures, I probably wouldn’t recommend that younger viewers watch this without a parent nearby, or unless they’re prepared and don’t mind this kind of imagery.

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is a movie adaptation of the popular musical of the same name, detailing the fictional actions of a murdering barber in London. Due to the nature of the original play, it can be expected that there are several gruesome murder scenes, as well as a running theme of cannibalism. Most of the death scenes are very bloody, and, though the director doesn’t shoot for ‘gruesome realism’ by making the gore particularly explosive or over the top, it should be noted that this movie is still a horror movie, and a slasher one to boot. A character is burned to death, human flesh is turned into meat pies, and, again, there is blood absolutely everywhere. While it seems that there’s not much else to cover, it should also be noted that, while not shown onscreen, there is a mention of rape. Sweeney Todd is one of the oddest choices for a musical I’ve come across in a while, and it is certainly not for those who struggle with blood.