The Goosebumps movie, while based on a surprisingly creepy book series, is very light on the violence and gore. In the spirit of the original books, most of the disaster is aimed at how kids would view something on the scale of the climax. Scenes where characters are frozen, attacked by werewolves, and zombies all stay completely bloodless, while still managing to translate the fear well enough. However, it should be noted that, completely out of the blue at the halfway point, a teenage character very suddenly appears to have been eaten onscreen. While he turns out to be fine, it can be very jarring if you’re not expecting it. Overall, the film has a lot of bloodless carnage, but some very scary imagery. As a whole, if you feel anxious about zombies, monsters, puppets, and an unexpected scene that seems as if a child is being killed. However, due to the fact that there’s a lot of carnage with various scary creatures, I probably wouldn’t recommend that younger viewers watch this without a parent nearby, or unless they’re prepared and don’t mind this kind of imagery.

Toy Story 3

As expected of a Pixar movie, Toy Story 3 is completely bloodless, focusing exclusively on toys who cannot bleed. However, there are many scenes in this film that could startle or even scare both younger and older viewers. One particular character I feel requires attention would be a cymbal-playing monkey who appears occasionally in a darkened room. While the monkey itself is exceptionally creepy, one animator probably had a field day designing exactly what his childhood nightmares looked like, the monkey also has a jumpscare midway through the movie that would probably give any viewer a shock. Also, there is a baby doll that acts as the main villain’s bodyguard that certainly made me look at my American Girl baby doll awkwardly for the rest of the month. Near the end of the film as well, there is a very disturbing scene that tackles the fears of a fiery death with no escape. Viewers who aren’t used to, or aren’t expecting such imagery, may find issue with the scene, as the threat of an agonizing death is present, but all characters involved clearly accept it in a way that may cause some to associate it with suicide. As for the other scenes, most are tame, as long as you’re used to seeing exaggeration of the behaviors of children, but please be warned that some of these scenes can be startling on their own. Pixar has always been very good at startling their audiences, and I truly believe that Toy Story 3 is no exception.


Moana is almost completely non-violent through and through. Like most disney movies nowadays, there are a few action scenes, but due to the PG rating, none of the scenes include blood, gore, or concerning themes. The scenes are largely non-violent, and the ones that include violence are completely safe for children. There are transformation scenes, but they are cartoony, without any hint of pain. Overall, Moana is very safe and nonviolent, but still has an interesting story that should pull viewers in.